Coach Lee Man-soo, “I’m proud of 5th place at the Laos Dong-Asai Championships”

“Laos won two games. What a good news!”

Chairman of the Hulk Foundation, Lee Man-soo, the former head coach of SSG Landers, delivered the current situation of the Laos national team. After setting up a camp in Korea, Laos, which had devoted itself to strength training, won two victories in the 13th East Asian Cup Baseball Championship. At the point of 10 years after I left the baseball mission to Laos, I showed the look of the ilchwiwoljang-eul.

The final result was 2 wins and 2 losses, placing 5th in the tournament. Although it did not reach the medal table, it was a great result that could make them dream of winning one Asian Games.

Coach Lee Man-soo said, “In this competition, several teams that were said to be doing well in Southeast Asia competed. I was curious about what place Laos players could place in this competition and how well they would do.” It was to the point of visiting the site of the competition to see the participants in person.

It didn’t start well. It was because they lost their second game against Thailand after the opening match against Hong Kong. In response, coach Lee Man-soo said, “The average age of the Laos national team is 19 years old, and there is not much baseball experience. Nevertheless, we met a strong team and played well. condition.” He was worried.

But it was raining. It was because they easily won the third game, 9-1, against Cambodia, and won the last game against Malaysia 13-1, by a called game in the 7th inning. The final score was 5th, which was satisfactory enough.먹튀검증

Coach Lee said, “When I won the match against the Malaysian team, all the players came running to me after the match and gave me a hanggarae. I finished 5th with 2 wins and 2 losses in this competition, but it felt like I had won. At the end of February, I finished runner-up in the DGB Cup International Competition and finished 5th in the 13th East Asian Cup Baseball Tournament. It definitely gave Laos national team players a lot of confidence,” he laughed.

Lastly, coach Lee Man-soo said, “I believe that this tournament will be of great help to the Laos national team players, who have not had much experience in international competitions, at the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou. If we continue to play baseball with this confidence, I believe that the Laos national team will soon become a feared team not only in Southeast Asia but throughout the world.”


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