Chung Moon-hong, chairman of Road FC, goes to the Philippines to find the second Pacquiao → direct sparring test

On the 24th, Road FC Chairman Jeong Moon-hong unveiled the Filipino episode of ‘Gao Hyung’s Scouter’ on his personal YouTube channel ‘Gao Hyung Life’.

Starting with the opening ceremony on June 24, Road FC is fully prepared for a global tournament in which fighters from all over the world compete for prize money worth billions. The tournament will be held at bantamweight (-63kg) and lightweight (-70kg).

The seeding rights for the tournament will be given to 4 Korean fighters, 2 Japanese fighters, 1 Russian fighter, and 1 Southeast Asian fighter. As the bantamweight seeding rights were given to Kim Soo-chul (31, ROAD FC GYM Wonju), ‘Road FC Bantamweight Champion’ Moon Mun-hun (39, Octagon Multi Gym), and ‘7-fighter’ Yang Ji-yong (26, Jeju Team Ducking), the Korean seed right was one. left a long 

In addition, ‘Road FC Lightweight Champion’ Siwon Park (21, Cowboy MMA) and ‘Road FC Featherweight Champion’ Haejin Park (31, Kingdom MMA) have been confirmed for the lightweight seed, and two additional Korean fighters are scheduled to be selected. 토토사이트

Chairman Jung Moon-hong visited the ‘Valiant MMA and Fitness Gym’ located in Manila, Philippines to scout players. He was thinking of finding the second Manny Pacquiao (Philippines). Athletes demonstrated their skills through sparring.

Chairman Jung Moon-hong directly tested the players’ skills through sparring, drawing attention. Road FC is trying to complete a solid matchup.


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