Choi Ji-man and Taegeuk Mark are twisted like this… The truth never reached

 Pittsburgh did not allow Choi Ji-man (32) to participate in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). Choi Ji-man was frustrated with his physical condition for not coming up high enough to participate in the tournament, and said, “It’s a pity.”

The beginning was the surgery to remove bone fragments in the elbow, which he received after the season last year. Choi Ji-man initially thought that he would be able to improve his condition enough to match the WBC in March. So he also responded to the KBO’s call. He worked hard on his rehabilitation because he really wanted to compete in the competition. However, as a result, he had no choice but to follow the club’s decision. Regarding this, Choi Ji-man neatly backed down, saying, “I respect the club’s opinion.”

Pittsburgh traded Choi Ji-man to reinforce the first base offense, which was the team’s weakness last year. A promising player was sent to recruit Choi Ji-man, who had only one year left until he qualified as a free agent (FA). I have no choice but to save it specially. In January, Choi Ji-man sent team medical staff directly to Arizona, where he is staying, to closely monitor his elbow condition. For the club, the physical condition of key players who will play for one season was more important than the WBC. Even Choi Ji-man doesn’t know the club’s circumstances.

Still, the regret remains. After graduating from high school, Choi Ji-man went on to challenge the major leagues and lived in the United States ever since. I missed Korea. As he reached a certain point in his career as a player, his desire for the Taegeuk mark grew stronger. He had a chimney-like desire to represent his country and play for his country with the best players. He was prepared to sacrifice a lot for the Taegeuk mark. However, as a player who plays in the major leagues, it was difficult to participate in the Olympics, Asian Games, and Premier 12. The only one left was the WBC, which he missed due to his elbow surgery.

Looking back, it was actually twisted from the start. Choi Ji-man also said that he felt more regretful because of that. Choi Ji-man originally planned to have his elbow bone fragments removed right after the season ended. But then, one piece of news hit Choi Ji-man’s ear. The MLB secretariat said it would visit Korea with an all-star team. Choi Ji-man, who wanted to play in his home country, asked if he would participate, and he informed that he would go immediately. He even postponed surgery to participate in the All-Star Game. I missed Korea so much.

His teammates were also quite interested. Choi Ji-man recalled, “Shane McLanahan was also interested, and other Tampa Bay colleagues also talked a lot, saying, ‘I’m curious about what your country is like’.” However, as a result, the tournament was canceled amid poor promotion. Choi Ji-man, who finished all preparations for the All-Star Game, was forced to reschedule his elbow surgery in a hurry due to the sudden cancellation notice.먹튀검증

Rather, if there had been no All-Star Game plan at all, Choi Ji-man could have been on the operating table more than 15 days earlier. If so, he might have been able to recover more than 15 days faster and improve his condition by doing batting training more than 15 days faster. If so, it is possible that Pittsburgh also allowed them to participate in the tournament. He sincerely wanted the Taegeuk mark, but looking back, it seemed that the strands had already been drawn to the side that was not meant to be. There is also a hidden story behind Choi Ji-man’s statement, “It’s not that I’m sorry for the club, it’s that I’m sorry for my situation.”


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