China’s Yubin Wins Shinan World Go Championship

China’s Yubin 9th dan reached the top of the World Go Championship.

In the final of the 4th World Baduk Championship held on the 23rd at Ramada Plaza Hotel & Seaone Resort Jaeun-do Tulip Hall in Shinan-gun, Jeollanam-do, Wibin lost to Japan’s Yoda Norimoto 9th Dan in 197 moves. Wibin, who finished runner-up in the first competition, was the first to win. 3 million won in prize money.먹튀검증

Wibin advanced to the finals with a lucky victory against Masaki Takemiya, 9th Dan, in the semifinals this morning. Wibin’s baduk game was on the rise, and at one point the win rate graph fell below 1%. However, as Takemiya, the oldest participant at the age of 72, dropped a stone at the start of the final countdown with the finish line in front of her eyes, Yubin got lucky. The moment Takemia picked up the new stone, there was no time left.

Japan’s Masaki Takemiya 9th Dan. Provided by Korea Origin

Wibin said, “I didn’t think I could win, but I’m happy that it was an unexpected win. I am grateful to Shinan-gun for inviting me to such a beautiful place and making a good tournament.”

Choi Myung-hun, 9th Dan, who was the only Korean player to reach the semifinals, lost 16 and a half to black in 293 moves to Yoda 9th Dan in the semifinals.

Sponsored by Jeollanam-do and Shinan-gun, 16 players from 8 countries were invited to play for two days on the 22nd and 23rd. The time limit was three 60-second countdowns of 30 minutes each.


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