Careful return of ‘Faker’, acting manager Lim Jae-hyeon of T1 “You need to check your physical condition accurately”

T1 acting head coach Lim Jae-hyeon gave a cautious stance regarding the return of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, saying, “We need to accurately check his physical condition.메이저사이트

T1 won 2-0 against Nongshim in the second round of the ‘2023 LOL Champions Korea (LCK)’ summer season held at the LCK Arena in Jongno, Seoul on the afternoon of the 14th. With this victory, T1 broke its 2-game losing streak and achieved 7 wins (4 losses, +5 gains and losses) of the season, chasing 3rd place Dplus Kia again.

Acting head coach Lim Jae-hyun, who was interviewed in the press room after the game, said, “The atmosphere of the team as a whole has gone down with 2 consecutive losses in the 5th week.”

Regarding the reason for the slowdown in the first set of the match against Nongshim, acting coach Lim Jae-hyun explained, “There are times when we are impatient in favorable situations. We are improving these areas. We are relieving the players’ mental burden.”

After their complete defeat in Week 5, T1 has been working hard to fill the void left by Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. Acting head coach Lim Jae-hyeon said, “After Lee Sang-hyeok took a break, ‘Zeus’ Woo-je Choi and ‘Poby’ Seong-won Yoon went to the side, and there was a lack of communication.” feedback,” he said.

Regarding the return of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, acting head coach Lim Jae-hyeon conveyed a cautious stance.

In the match on the 16th, T1 will challenge Dplus Kia for their 8th win of the season. Acting coach Lim Jae-hyun said, “The recent performance has looked good,” and “Based on this victory, we will prepare to continue the atmosphere in the D+ Kia game.”


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