Busan clean shot wins title after nightly training “I want to qualify for the national championships, I’ll compete in October”

“We’ve just qualified for the tournament. I will do my best to pass the Busan city selection and make it to the national championships. It’s still not enough, but we’ll compete at the national championships in October.”

Busan Clean Shot won the men’s open division of the third edition of the KBA 3×3 Korea Tour 2023 held in Yangsan, Gyeongnam, on the 4th. With this victory, Busan Clean Shot has gained momentum on its way to the national championships.토토사이트

Busan Clean Shot is a 3×3 team representing Busan comprised of Han Jung-cheol, Kim Jin-tae, Heo Yoon-seong, and Jung Sung-hoon. Formerly known as Busan DEPOT134 until last year, Busan Clean Shot changed its name this year.

The Busan Clean Shot, which includes Han Jung-cheol, who attracted attention by being the only non-selected player to participate in the Mongolian training camp organised by the Korea 3×3 Basketball Federation (KXO) in January, has had a strong image of an ‘underdog’ for the past three years of running a 3×3 team in earnest.

That’s because they hadn’t been able to completely overcome the strength of powerhouses such as Skydive Inje and Hansolemicon.

This year, however, Busan Cleanshot’s performance has changed. Previously busy running around aimlessly, Busan Cleanshot has been playing a compact game with various patterns this year, winning the first and second rounds of the KXO Winter League and then the Korea Tour Yangsan.

There were no changes to the team. Shooter Gong Ha-jung is no longer with the team, but centre Jung Sung-hoon is filling the void perfectly, and the team’s one-two punch of Han Jeong-chul and Kim Jin-tae has improved.

Non-selectionist Han Jeong-chul and Yang Jeong-go’s Kim Jin-tae are leading the way up front, setting the pattern for Busan’s clean shots. With Heo Yoon-seong from Dong-A High School providing support fire from the outside, Busan Clean Shot is looking so organised that you can tell at a glance that they’ve done a lot of preparation.

“The players get together twice a week for regular practice, even during the week,” says Song Tae-hoon of Busan Clean Shot. They all have full-time jobs, so they don’t miss any training sessions past 10 p.m.,” he said. “In January this year, we went on a training camp in Mongolia and applied what we learned there to the team, and it seems to be working well. We had a strong underdog image and the players were getting tired, but this year, the confidence of ‘we can do it’ has spread throughout the team and we are seeing good results,” he said.

“We need to qualify for the Korea Tour to be eligible to represent Busan at the National Championships in October. Qualifying for the National Championships was our biggest goal, and we are happy to have won. However, as this win was not our goal, we will focus on qualifying for the Busan city representative selection in July,” he said, adding that his goal is to represent Busan at the national championships.

“The players don’t get paid a lot, but they really work hard for 3×3. I hope that the players will represent Busan at the national championships. Although 3×3 is a demonstration event, not an official event, I think it means a lot to be the first. We will support the athletes behind the scenes so that they can be proud of their activities.”

The Busan Clean Shot may not have the most glamorous players, but with their sincerity and steady progress, they are setting new milestones in the domestic 3×3 scene.

The Busan Clean Shot, who are proving that you don’t have to be from the KBL to succeed in 3×3 and reach the top, will decide in July if they can represent Busan at the national championships, which is their goal.


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