Bupyeong High School scored 5 goals in the first game of the Geumbae Tournament… Boin High School Jecheon Jeil High School advances to the quarterfinals after a bloody penalty shootout

On the 26th, when the first match of the 56th Presidential Geumbae Tournament was held, thick raindrops poured down at Jecheon Soccer Center in North Chungcheong Province. Although they might get tired from the scorching heat and heavy rain during the day, the players’ passion for victory did not seem to cool down.온라인카지노

Incheon Bupyeong High School, the team that won the gold medal the most, scored a goal in the shower in the round of 16 match against Guri High School in Gyeonggi Province, and was the first to settle in the quarterfinals.

Bupyeong High School won 5-0 against Guri High School, which survived Group 8, which was considered the ‘group of death’, tied with Boin High School and Gangneung Jungang High School in Gangwon Province.

Bupyeong High School, which conducted a careful search battle in the first half, stepped up the offensive after Choi Ha-min scored the opening goal in the 38th minute. At the end of the first half, striker Jang Min-hyeok, who scored 4 goals in the group stage and tied for first place, was substituted. Between the 14th minute and the 20th minute of the second half, Kang Do-wook, Kim Shin, and Park Jeong-woo’s consecutive goals led 4-0 and decided the game early. Shin Kim scored multiple goals with a wedge goal in the 24th minute of the second half.

Bupyeong High School’s family fight for the top scorer became more intense with piles of goals that day. Jang Min-hyeok, Choi Ha-min and Kang Do-wook each scored a total of 4 goals. Shin Kim scored a total of 3 goals in multi-goals that day, and is closely following the team.

Bupyeong High scored 23 goals in 4 games including the group stage with the scoring of the main players. He scored about 6 goals per game and boasted powerful firepower.

Boin High School beat Gwangmun High School, which showed salty water defense with only one run in the group stage, without rest. Wingers Kim Hyun-woo and Lee Min-hyeok spread their wings wide to the left and right, and striker Baek Ga-on tried to find an opening with strong forward pressure, but the opponent’s tight defense prevented it every time. Gwangmungo looked for an opportunity by focusing on the counterattack with the defensive line behind them.

Tae-in Kim of Gwangmun High School in Gyeonggi Province misses a penalty shootout in the round of 16 match against Gwangmun High School in Seoul at the 56th Presidential Geumbae National High School Football Championship held at Jecheon Soccer Center in North Chungcheong Province on the 26th. Reporter Moon Jae-won

After 80 minutes of the first and second halves, the two teams were unable to score, and went to a penalty shoot-out. Kwon Neung, the goalkeeper and captain of Boingo, was the main character of the victory that day. He read all the directions of the opposing kickers and pressed them, causing them to miss. Opponent’s second kicker looked down the right side of the goal and caught the kicked ball. Boingo seized the victory as the opponent’s third kicker, feeling the pressure, missed the crossbar. Although Boingo’s third kicker, Lee Chang-woo, missed, the rest of the kickers all succeeded and succeeded in advancing to the quarterfinals.

Jecheon Jeil High School in Chungcheongbuk-do and Gyeonggi Choji High School went to the Gyeonggi-do penalty shoot-out. The two teams, who couldn’t decide the winner in the 80th minute of the first and second half of the game at 0-0, had a bloody confrontation in the penalty shootout, going all the way to the 8th kicker. Jecheon Jeil High School won a thrilling victory as the last kicker of Chojigo missed. As the home team, they also kept face.

With the winning candidates settled in the quarterfinals without any change, the second tournament game to cover the semifinals will be held at the Jecheon Soccer Center on the 28th.


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