Both the US and Japan are interested… Still, Pedi is sincere about Korea, “It will be fun to look back later.”

Eric Peddy (30, NC) is not only the best starting pitcher in the KBO League this season, but is also building a record as a foreign pitcher that will remain in the history of the KBO League. He has already achieved a victory against his former club, and has shown great performance with 16 wins, 6 losses, and an average ERA of 2.39 in 23 games as of the 3rd.메이저놀이터

He can’t just focus on records. It shows how much of an impact a player who has been in the major league starting rotation can have on the league. Many players in the KBO League are interested in the sweeper that Peddie throws. He is a good lesson for young pitchers on how to use modified fastballs, such as a powerful two-seam fastball. I feel like an ‘evangelist’ for advanced civilization. That is why he is a player who will leave a lasting impression beyond just his records.

There is constant speculation that Peddie will likely leave the KBO League after this season. The U.S. Major League Baseball and Japanese professional baseball teams are already closely observing Pedi. Scouts from 3 to 5 clubs follow Peddie every game. An official familiar with the situation scratched his head and said, “Players who went to the U.S. and Japan have gone through this process in the past, but there don’t seem to be many cases where as many clubs as Peddie started taking action at the same time.”

Although Japan may not know, the United States already has sufficient data on pedis. He is a player who played a total of 6 seasons in the Major League, appearing in 102 games (88 as a starter). He played a total of 451⅓ innings. As recently as last year, he was a member of Washington’s starting lineup, pitching 127 innings in 27 games. This is a major league club that has everything, whether it is data to judge success or data to judge failure. Nevertheless, the reason I see Pedi in person is because of the changes in him.

The ‘Washington Post’ covered his off-season journey through an interview with Peddie on the 4th (Korean time). According to the media, Peddie first moved after receiving notice from Washington that his contract could not be renewed last year. Peddie originally had a home in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the off-season, he came here to train. However, Peddie moved to Scottsdale, Arizona last year. The reason was simple. He wanted to get help from the Pitching Academy.

Arizona is famous as a spring training location for major league clubs. Players come to Arizona around January and do personal training, then get in shape and join the team’s spring training in mid-February. There are many baseball-related facilities. Peddie also explained that he received help by entering an academy called ‘PUSH’. I visited this academy as well as a systematic training facility to develop both my body and skills.

“I needed to go to Scottsdale and get my shoulder straightened out and work on mechanics and things like that. I needed some basic tweaks,” Peddie recalled. The process was relatively successful. At this facility, he fine-tuned the height of his shoulders and focused on training for shoulder health, a prerequisite for that adjustment. Peddie and the Washington Post explain that the wrist angle and position of the fastball were also adjusted.

Peddie, who underwent a rigorous training program before the technology, became physically stronger. “It would have been better if I had done it sooner,” Peddie told The Washington Post. “When I graduated from college, the idea of ​​the driveline was just starting to go mainstream. At the time, a lot of people in the sport had negative thoughts about it. “I started using a heavier ball this offseason and it helped me maintain my mechanics,” he said.

As a result, Pedi was able to install a sweeper that moves horizontally instead of reducing the number of sliders that fall vertically compared to last year, which became the driving force behind its great success in Korea. Of course, it has become a ‘foundation for development’ that major league clubs are paying attention to. Pedi is satisfied with his success in Korea and his life in Korea. He emphasized that he does not yet know whether he will leave his team or not, but it is certain that 2023 will at least remain a great memory in his life.

“If a game is canceled, I will sometimes go on Instagram to speak to the fans. The way I speak Korean gets everyone excited and makes them laugh,” Peddie said. “A foreign player comes to Alabama and speaks English with a southern accent.” “Imagine learning Korean. I learned Korean from them (fans),” he said with a smile. In fact, Peddie received an explosive response from many fans by filming himself speaking in awkward(?) Korean through the club’s SNS.

‘The Washington Post’ said, ‘Of course, (Peddie’s) goal is to return to the major leagues in the near future. “Whether it will be next year or if he will need to prove himself further in Korea or Japan, Peddie is not sure,” he wrote. “He is watching scouts from major league and Japanese clubs.” “I believe the reconstructed weapon will be able to compete with the world’s best competitors,” he said, adding weight to Fedi’s U-turn.

But aside from this, Peddie thinks particularly highly of his year in Korea. “When I get old and can’t play anymore, I’ll be really glad I came here,” said Peddie, adding, “It will be very fun to look back on all of this.” . NC hopes to continue its relationship with Pedi.


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