Both Korea and Germany have empty A-match schedules in June… Any possibility of a ‘Klinsmann Derby’?

 Eyes are focused on sparring partners with Korea in June.

The second and third weeks of June are the A-match period designated by FIFA. All professional leagues around the world are temporarily suspended. Football associations in each country that have not scheduled an existing schedule are busy looking for opponents. It is a complex mission with stakes intertwined with each other.

According to the Japanese media report that came out on the 12th, ‘the possibility of the Korea-Japan war in June’ has emerged as an issue. However, it was only an extremely unlikely hypothesis. An official from the Korea Football Association (KFA) said, “It is true that we communicate with the Japan Football Association (JFA) before every A match period. However, it is not that Korea and Japan are directly facing each other, but that they are communicating to find the same opposing team.”

Both Korea and Japan prefer A matches against teams from other continents. So what about European countries? Most European countries have already scheduled A-matches. It’s not a friendly match. There is a schedule for the UEFA Nations League semi-finals. The Netherlands-Croatia semi-final will be held on 15 June. The Spain-Italy semi-final will be played on June 16.

Except for these four teams, other countries will play Euro 2024 qualifiers. England faces Malta and Macedonia in succession, while France faces Gibraltar and Greece. Portugal joins Bosnia and Iceland. Belgium meets Austria-Estonia. As such, the European powerhouses are busy digesting only their internal European schedules.

Only one European major team has left its June schedule empty. Germany, the hometown of Korean national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann, is the main character. Germany are not in the semi-finals of the UEFA Nations League and do not have a Euro 2024 qualifying schedule. As Germany hosts Euro 2024, there is no need for a qualifier.

Is there any chance that Korea or Japan will break through this gap and play a friendly A-match with Germany? The Korea Football Association said, “We know that the opponent for Germany’s A match in June is undecided. In reality, it is not easy to call Germany to East Asia. It is difficult for Korea to go all the way to Germany and play a friendly match,” he said.

There is also another issue. Germany’s A-match this June will be the 1,000th A-match in the history of the German national team. It’s the same day as the anniversary of German football. Ahead of a historic moment, Germany’s move to invite an iconic team home has been spotted. 스포츠토토

German media said, “The German Football Association (DFB), which is preparing for the 1,000th A match, is coordinating the schedule with Ukraine. A Germany-Ukraine friendly could be held in Bremen this June.” Ukraine was invaded by Russia last year and is still at war.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed regarding Germany’s A match. Germany’s opponent, Ukraine, is scheduled to qualify for Euro 2024 with Macedonia and Malta during the same period. Some German media criticized, saying, “German football is trying to bring politics into the sports scene,” and “If the Germany-Ukraine match is concluded, it will be a super-large political show.”

The Korea Football Association used to confirm and announce the opposing team for a friendly A match at least one month before the match. Expectations are growing early in Korea’s June sparring partner decision.


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