‘Both Ellin and Samrin are impressed’ Austin, a warm-hearted man…’One impressed child gives a thumbs up’

Austin” When the children who visited the stadium in hot weather came out to the front of the net and called his name anxiously with uniforms and baseballs, Austin, who was heading to the dugout, made an unknown gesture and left the seat.메이저놀이터 .

As Austin disappeared from sight, he left the children eager for his autograph to miss. He was also disappointed, but after returning from a meeting, Austin approached the children. It turned out that Austin, who was heading to the dugout, took an action to the children who were anxiously calling his name, saying, ‘I’ll be back, please wait’.

The Ellins who visited Lions Park in Daegu, which showed hot weather with the highest temperature rising to more than 36 degrees, were moved by the warm-hearted fan service of Mr. Oh Austin in Jamsil. Across the net installed to block foul balls, Austin carefully signed autographs for each of the children.

In addition to his excellent baseball skills, Austin, a foreign batter who is kind to the fans, is already called Mr. Oh in Jamsil among fans.

The most sensitive time right before the game starts. Usually players keep their own routine and warm up. Austin usually doesn’t have a special routine, but he warms up his body right before the start of the game by playing catch and running.

After signing the autograph, Austin started running again after his body cooled down, and his eyes met the children who were still waiting for him in front of the net. Eventually, warm-hearted Austin, who approached her children again, gave them precious memories by taking autographs and selfies on the spot for a while.

Austin was happy to sign a uniform that was not his number. When the uniforms thrown by the short children got caught in the net, he climbed the net like Spider-Man and retrieved the uniform. Even when a child wearing a Samsung Lions uniform hesitated while holding the ball, Austin joked around asking for the ball and carefully signed it.

Austin, who found a child without a uniform and baseball, took a ball out of his pocket, signed an autograph, and threw the autographed ball.

Samrin, who received Austin’s autograph, was delighted with a bright smile. Both Ellin and Samrin, who received autographs from warm-hearted Austin, will remember the precious memories of the day they visited the stadium for a long time.


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