“All-in on Messi return” Champion Barcelona’s declaration, ‘Money in Saudi Arabia, Loyalty in Barcelona’ depends on Messi

Now the ball went back to Lionel Messi.

Barcelona have made the re-signing of Messi official. Barcelona won 4-2 in the 34th round of the Spanish Primera Liga in the 2022-2023 season against Espanyol held at the RCDE Stadium in Barcelona, ​​Spain on the 15th (Korean time). Barcelona, ​​who reported 27 wins (4 draws and 3 losses) with the victory on this day, stepped on the 85 victory points. The gap with second place Real Madrid (71 points) widened to 14 points. Regardless of the remaining 4 games, the championship was confirmed. It is his 27th La Liga title in his career. Barcelona’s championship is the first in four years since the 2018-2019 season.메이저사이트

Barcelona, ​​which was struggling with financial difficulties, struggled desperately by signing Roberto Lewandowski, Jules Kunde, Rafinha and Andreras Christensen. ‘Icon’ Xavi Hernandez led Barcelona to the title in less than a year. After winning the championship, coach Xavi said, “We deserve to win. The scenario was like a movie script.” He continued, “With this victory, I gained confidence in our project. I remember the people who protected me. We plan to celebrate this victory properly as we deserve it. The players are taking a break today.” Sergio Busquets, who is leaving Barcelona at the end of the season, has won the title. Busquets’ contract with Barcelona expires at the end of the season. “I really wanted to win the title,” Busquets said. “He’s had a great time at Barcelona. He’s happy to be able to leave.”

Photo capture = Barcelona SNS

Photo capture = Barcelona SNS
Barcelona’s eyes turned straight to the next season. Again, the gaze is focused on Messi. “We will do everything we can to bring Messi back,” said president Juan Laporta. Barcelona failed to renew the contract with Messi in 2021. Messi cried and transferred to Paris Saint-Germain. In the absence of Messi, Barcelona has repeatedly fallen. Messi rose to the GOAT ranks by winning the World Cup in Qatar, but he did not show up as expected at Paris Saint-Germain. Messi has 31 goals and 34 assists in 72 appearances since his move to Paris Saint-Germain. Messi-Kylian Mbappe-Neymar failed to win the European Champions League despite having a great trio.

Paris Saint-Germain wanted to renew the contract with Messi. Messi’s contract expires this summer. However, Messi went out with a lukewarm attitude, and to make matters worse, he crossed the river of no return. Messi recently visited Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Messi, a public relations ambassador for the Saudi Tourism Board, was to fulfill his contractual obligations with the Saudi Tourism Board. Messi enjoyed a trip to Saudi Arabia with his family and posted pictures on social media. Messi is known to receive £25 million a year from the Saudi Tourism Board. However, Messi went without permission from the club. Angered Par Saint-Germain issued a two-week suspension. I couldn’t even go to team training, and I was even fined. Messi protested that he had obtained the club’s consent, but fans protested in front of the club and showed dissatisfaction with Messi. Messi eventually apologized through his social media.

Video capture = Messi SNS
In the meantime, a surprising report came out. On the 9th, AFP reported urgently that ‘Messi has signed a blockbuster contract with the Saudi club’. An official said, “Messi’s contract has been completed. From next season, Messi will play in the Saudi league.” AFP did not disclose where the club was, but Al-Hilal, where Jang Hyun-soo is playing, is likely. France’s L’Equipe reported the size of Messi’s contract, and said that the annual salary ranged from a minimum of 500 million euros to a maximum of 600 million euros. It is a staggering amount of 872.8 billion won in our money. It was three times the annual salary of Cristiano Ronaldo, who recently wore a Saudi Al Nasr jersey, at 200 million euros.

To the world’s astonishment, Messi’s father quickly denied the reports. Jorge said in his statement: “We have absolutely no contracts with any club for next year. A decision will not be made until Lionel has finished his season at Paris Saint-Germain.” “There have always been rumors and a lot of people use Lionel’s name to gain notoriety, but there is only one truth,” he said. did.

Photo capture = PSG Twitter

While Barcelona said they would bring Messi, the choice now rests with Messi. It is expected that it will be a worry between Sili and his cause. Saudi Arabia still want Messi. Recently, Saudi Arabia, which has been at the center of the issue with Ronaldo, is showing an active movement to host the World Cup. Saudi Arabia took over Newcastle United of the English Premier League with the Saudi sovereign wealth fund at the forefront, and even embraced Ronaldo. Then he pushed for Messi. Messi is the pinnacle of Vision 2030 that Saudi Arabia is pursuing. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, dubbed ‘Mr. Everything’, wants to raise his international status around sports. Once again, sovereign wealth funds have stepped in. AFP said, ‘Messi and Ronaldo are both funded by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund. It is Saudi Arabia, not the club, that is taking Messi. For Messi, who is nearing the end of his playing career, Saudi’s offer is a huge temptation that is hard to refuse.

But Messi’s heart is still Barcelona. Messi missed Barcelona even while playing for Paris Saint-Germain. Retirement at Barcelona could be the most beautiful finish for GOAT Messi. Despite Barcelona’s will, however, financial difficulties are another matter. It is difficult for Barcelona to match the amount Messi wants. Messi has had talks with Barcelona before, but the reason why he couldn’t come to a conclusion is because of money. Taking advantage of this gap, Inter Miami, which is owned by David Beckham, also wants Messi. Going to the United States has a different meaning from Saudi Arabia, where Ronaldo traveled first, in that it can be a pioneer.

Where will Messi’s heart go? This summer, the gaze once again turns to Messi.


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