‘AG Generation’ Lee Han-beom, Baek Sang-hoon, role models Kim Min-jae and Hwang In-beom Along the way…

“I watched all of Kim Min-jae’s matches (Lee Han-beom)”
“Hwang In-beom, the level is different. I will someday… (Baek Sang-hoon).”

Recently, defender Lee Han-beom and midfielder Baek Sang-hoon, who were ‘young people born in 2002’, met in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, the second winter camp of FC Seoul, and strengthened their will by mentioning role models.메이저사이트

It is the same New Year’s wish to step on the stage of the Asian Games in Hangzhou by boarding the under-23 national team (Olympic team) ‘Hwang Seon-hong-ho’, as well as taking a step forward in the Seoul competitive structure aiming to ‘reconstruct the famous family’.

Lee Han-bum, who is 190 cm tall, is evaluated as a lumber to succeed ‘monster defender’ Kim Min-jae (Napoli).

However, due to a knee injury in the second half of last season, he had to be content with playing 23 league games (1 goal and 1 assist). He said, “I had a lot of residual injuries while trying to return to the field in a hurry after being injured last year. I wanted to run even when I was sick, but it was a year when I felt the importance of taking care of my body.”

In fact, some clubs in Japan and Germany showed interest in Lee Han-beom. However, he wanted to prove himself in Seoul. He said, “My older brothers told me to go out if I could, but I wanted to challenge myself by building more in the K-League without thinking in a hurry.”

Baek Sang-hun, a former Seoul youth player, is ‘one of the hopeful players in midfield. Like the nickname ‘Seoul’s Kante’, his wide range of activities and pressure are his strengths. He was also considered as a replacement when ‘short-term loanee’ Hwang In-beom (Olympiacos) left last season. However, his 10 appearances were all. He said, “I think my weak point is my ability to judge. He is trying to compensate for his detailed play.”

Lee Han-beom and Baek Sang-hoon are from the Hangzhou Asian Games, which will be held in China in September. If he wins a gold medal at the Asian Games, he will receive special benefits for military service, so he can draw a more diverse future as a soccer player. Kim Min-jae and Hwang In-beom also participated in the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, won gold medals, and are currently active in Europe.

However, the Hangzhou Asian Games were postponed for one year due to the aftermath of Corona 19. The organizers of the tournament changed the age of participation in men’s soccer from the original age of 23 to 24. You can play until 1999. As much as Lee Han-beom and Baek Sang-hoon have to break through the tougher competition.

Baek Sang-hoon said, “Honestly, not thinking about the Asian Games is a lie. However, if you do well in the team, coach Hwang Seon-hong has a prestigious name to choose,” he said. Lee Han-beom also said, “The priority is to play well in the league. I have to show something so that director Hwang will also pick me up. If you are elected, you must risk your life,” he emphasized.

Both hope to evolve. In November of last year, Baek Sang-hoon participated in a friendly match between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Olympic team.

He said, “I found a part to do well while playing against my peers,” he said, “Coach Hwang orders a clear role for the midfielder. I am box-to-box, but I will focus on doing well on the team first.”

Lee Han-beom said, “Director Hwang wants a stable defense rather than a build-up from the central defender. He’s like a fighter type. Actually, I wasn’t that type of person, but coach Ahn Ik-soo and coach Kim Jin-kyu all hoped for it. He wants to be reborn as a strong fighter,” he laughed. In fact, his physique improved noticeably through weight training this winter.

I also watch the video of my role model from time to time. Lee Han-beom said, “Min-jae hyung is smart and predictable, and he knew how to cause mistakes by handling opponents strikers roughly.” I really like things like sight and leisure,” and showed respect for the senior.

The two are looking forward to the opening of the new season and are drawing a turning point in their football lives.


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