After the Asian swing, raise the threshold to pass the cut… Upgrading to 65 LPGA Tour finals

[Sports Seoul | Reporter Kang Hoon Jang] After the Asian swing, the cut-off competition is expected to intensify. The Taegeuk players, who are preparing for the preseason match in Saudi Arabia, are also tense.메이저사이트

The US Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) tour announced on the 16th (Korean time), “Starting this year, we will raise the number of passes to the top 65 (including ties).” In the 4th round 72-hole stroke competition, the cut-off is applied through the 1st and 2nd rounds. If you have to distinguish it, it is like classifying it as the final round from the third round.

The LPGA said, “From the LPGA Drive-On Championship, the first full-field tournament with a cut-off, 65th place including ties can advance to the finals.” Until last year, it was possible to advance to the finals up to a tie for 70th.

Tommy Tangpipaibuntana, Senior Vice President of Operations, said: “The new rules are in line with other professional golf organization rules. It will help ensure a manageable number of players after 36 holes (2 rounds),” he said. It will help enhance the players experience on the LPGA Tour and speed up the game.”

If they advanced to the finals with a tie for 70th place, the tee-off was developed as a two-way (simultaneous progress on holes 1 and 10). It was pointed out that efficiency is low, such as waiting time due to the different play speeds of each player. Due to the nature of golf, where rhythm is important, it is quite difficult to recover the flow broken by waiting. As much as it affects performance, the LPGA Tour’s idea is to realize a speed-up by reducing the number of finalists.

The LPGA Tour, which is on a break, will resume on the 23rd with the Honda LPGA Championship held at Siam Country Club in Thailand. After completing the Asian Swing at the HBSC Women’s World Championship at Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore on the 2nd of next month, they will return to the US mainland in earnest after a two-week break.

The LPGA Tour’s plan is to apply the changed rules starting from the LPGA Drive-On Championship, which starts in the mainland, leading to more intense competition.


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