Abondanza director, reunited with Kim Yeon-kyung?… Heungkuk Life Insurance Chief Candidate

While Heungkuk Life Insurance, a women’s professional volleyball club, is spurring the appointment of a foreign coach, it is expected that coach Marcelo Abondanza (Italy), who ate rice with Kim Yeon-kyung in the past, will take the baton.먹튀검증

According to the coverage of ‘INews 24’ on the 16th, it is known that Heungkuk Life Insurance selected several foreign command tower candidates and selected director Abondanza as the final leading candidate after various reviews.

Heungkuk Life Insurance greeted new coach Kwon Soon-chan this season, but in January, he fired Kwon for an unknown reason. Afterwards, acting head coach Lee Young-soo also left the team and appointed Kim Ki-joong, who served as head coach of Heungkuk Life Insurance in the past, as head coach of Sunseon Girls’ High School.

However, shortly after the announcement of the appointment, coach Kim declined the manager position due to the burden, and coach Kim Dae-kyung took over as the team leader.

Heungkuk Life Insurance took advantage of the slowdown of Hyundai E&C in the acting supervisory system of Kim and defeated Pepper Savings Bank on the 15th and rose to the sole lead.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which made the appointment of a foreign commander a top priority and moved carefully, decided to appoint director Abondanza after struggling with several candidates.

Director Abondanza has accumulated a lot of experience as a leader in Italy and Turkey. In the 2012-13 season, when he led Lavita Baku (Azerbaijan), he led the team to 1st place in the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) World Club Championship and 2nd place in the European Volleyball Federation (CEV) Champions League.

Heungkuk Life’s ace Kim Yeon-kyung also has a deep connection. When Kim Yeon-kyung was active in Turkiye Fenerbahce, the coach was Abondanza. The two have been together for four seasons since the 2013-14 season, winning two league championships, runner-up, and the European Volleyball Federation (CEV) Cup.

However, it is expected that it will take some time before he is officially appointed as the head of Heungkuk Life Insurance. Head coach Abondanza, who is currently leading Turkish Airlines (Turkiye), has yet to terminate his contract with his team due to the aftermath of the great earthquake in Turkiye. This also put a brake on negotiations with Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Heungkuk Life Insurance is said to be considering other candidates for fear that Abondanza’s negotiations will go wrong. However, the top priority is, of course, the recruitment of manager Abondanza.


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