A ‘super rivalry’ is born… SK-KCC’s epic derby is coming

With the signings of Max Oh to SK and Jun-yong Choi to KCC in the professional basketball free agency market, the two teams have become the most powerful ‘super team’ in history.

Moreover, with Choi Jun-yong’s harsh criticism of his former team, SK, already raising the stakes for a showdown between the two teams next season.

Reporter Jae-won Heo reports.


[Choi Jun-yong / Jeonju KCC forward: The team I’m on is unconditionally the favourite, and since I’m out, SK is not the favourite, and KCC is the favourite, so I don’t worry about it, and now SK will push it as ‘old people’].

Wearing KCC’s blue jersey, Choi Jun-yong made a series of provocative comments directed at his former team, SK.토토사이트

He referred to SK as “old men” because they were led by players in their mid-to-late 30s, including Kim Sun-hyung, Oh Se-geun, and Heo Il-young.

He also expressed his bitterness towards the team he had played for for seven years.

[Choi Jun-yong / Jeonju KCC forward: I think it’s the fans who supported me to get to this point, not the club front office, so I only thank the fans].

Since making his professional debut, Choi Jun-yong has been the centre of attention for his top-notch skills and outspoken behaviour.

However, he was also accused of disrupting the team atmosphere, and there were rumours of feuds with his teammates.

Even at the press conference where he joined KCC, he only mentioned two teammates, Warney and Ahn Young-joon, raising suspicions.

[Choi Jun-yong / Jeonju KCC forward: It still hasn’t sunk in yet, that it’s a different team. I feel bad for Jamil Warney and (Ahn) Young-joon, but I think we’ll meet one day].

In his final season with SK, Choi played just 26 games due to injury and was reportedly ruled out of SK’s plans for next season early on.

After a series of twists and turns, we’re already looking forward to seeing how Choi will fare against SK next season in the colours of rivals KCC.


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