‘A player for Manchester United YouTube is 141.7 billion? it’s crazy!’ sharp criticism

Manchester United’s Anthony transfer fee is of the opinion that it is crazy.

Anthony joined Manchester United in the summer transfer window after parting ways with Ajax. There was an active love call from director Eric ten Haag.

Ten Hag had worked with Anthony during his time at Ajax, which he wanted to replicate at Manchester United.

Manchester United was active in signing Anthony and invested a huge amount of £90 million (approximately 141.7 billion).

Marcel Branes, former director of PSV Eindhoven and Everton, responded that the transfer fee for Anthony was wrong. 먹튀검증

“I think everyone in football knows that Anthony’s transfer fee is insane,” Bran said.

“I think Rafinha, who moved to Barcelona from Leeds United, is a better player than Anthony. However, the transfer fee was 57 million pounds (approximately 89.7 billion won).”

Wearing a Manchester United uniform with a transfer fee of over 140 billion won, Anthony made a mark in his debut match against Arsenal with flashy movements and sensible foot talent, and performed his best performance while operating the goalpost.

However, there is no significant impact after that. It is being evaluated as below expectations compared to his transfer fee.

In particular, he is sometimes pointed out as a player for YouTube with no substance while showing only flashy plays that can stimulate opponents in untimely situations.


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