A pitcher who was wandering in the ‘most SV break’ KIA challenges the salvation king… Trade 3 years ago that changed my life

A pitcher who once wandered in KIA challenges the first salvation king in his life. No matter how you look at it, the trade three years ago seems to have been a godsend.

Doosan closer Hong Kun-hee (31) pitched in relief in the 10th match of the season against Kiwoom in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 8th, and harvested his 19th save of the season with a perfect pitch with 1 scoreless inning and 2 strikeouts. He was a valuable salvation that led the team to 7 consecutive victories.안전놀이터

Hong Kun-hee took the mound as the team’s fourth pitcher in the ninth inning, leading 5-2. He treated the first batter, Kim Woong-bin, with a fly ball to right field after six balls, and struck out Lim Ji-yeol and Lee Ji-young in a row to end the game. Lim Ji-yeol used the slider as the deciding ball in 2B-2S, and struck out three pitches with a falling curve against veteran Lee Ji-young. 14 pitches.

After taking two days off after the save against Samsung in Pohang on the 5th, Hong Kun-hee took the mound on the mound on the 3rd and collected the save and stepped on the 19th save hill. It was the moment when he broke the record for most individual saves in a season, surpassing 18 saves last year. Last year, he started as a setup man and took on the finisher during the season, earning 18 saves in 58 games. This year, he set a new record in 35 games, marking his first full-time closing season since his debut.

After leaving Hwasun High School, Hong Gun-hee, who was nominated in the KIA 2nd round 9th place in the 2011 rookie draft, moved to Doosan through a trade with Ryu Ji-hyuk on June 7, 2020. Even though he had a fastball during his KIA days, he repeatedly wandered between starting and bullpens due to frequent ups and downs, but with the transfer, he finally got his fastball and jumped into a winning group.

Hong Kun-hee, who left an average ERA of 6.30 with 9 wins, 20 losses, 5 saves and 5 holds in 166 KIA days, soared to 3.41 ERA with 11 wins, 22 losses, 41 saves and 35 holds in 208 games after transferring to Doosan. In 2021, 65 games, 6 wins, 6 losses, 3 saves, 17 holds, and an average ERA of 2.78 helped the team advance to the Korean Series for the first 7 consecutive years in the KBO League. has achieved

Hong Kun-hee is showing off a sense of stability with an average ERA of 2.38 in 35 games, 3 losses, 19 saves and 1 hold, even under coach Lee Seung-yeop. Last year, with the appearance of another trustworthy man named Cheol-Won Jeong, the position was shaken for a while, but under the trust of coach Lee Seung-yeop, who said, “Our team is the finisher, Gun-Hee Hong,” they are steadily completing their first full-time season. Hong Kun-hee is also the leader of the Doosan pitching staff.

Hong Kun-hee goes further this season and aims for the first salvation king in his life. Currently, he is 2nd in the save category, 6 with SSG Seo Jin-yong (25 saves) in 1st place, and 4 with Lotte Kim Won-joong (15) in 3rd place. ” but he easily solved the game by doing his part with 6 innings, 2 runs, quality start + pitching.


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