‘8 innings, 9K, 1 run’ Sunrin Internet High School Kim Min-seong “I’m satisfied with the first strike and Yoo In-gu

Seonrin Internet High School ace Kim Min-seong (3rd year) put on a complete pitch and calmed Masan Yongma High’s batting line.스포츠토토

Kim Min-seong started at Masan Yongma High School in the 51st Bonghwangdaegi National High School Baseball Championship held at Mokdong Stadium in Seoul on the 22nd and led the team to a 4-1 victory with 3 hits, 2 walks, 9 strikeouts and 1 run in 8 innings. He struck out with knife-like pitches until the last one pitch in the 8th inning, and finished the inning with only two left, the highest number of pitches (105) in one day, and went down the mound. Kim Tae-wan (3 years), who took the mound instead of Kim Min-seong, blocked the 9th inning well and kept the victory.

After the game, Kim Min-seong said, “If we lost, it could have been our team’s last game, but I’m glad we won.”

It felt good from the start. Up to the 3rd inning, he showed ‘perfect pitching’ that did not allow a single hitter to base, and after that, he turned the opponent’s batting line into a hit and strikeout without a major crisis. In particular, in the 6th inning with a 3-0 lead, he gave a walk to the lead batter, but he solved the crisis himself by catching a bunt ball in front of pitcher Jung Ji-seong (3 years) and dealing with a double kill. It was a moment of outstanding concentration and sense.

Kim Min-seong said, “It was the same with the fastball, but the breaking ball was especially good. The only real point was allowing Cha Seung-jun (2 years old) a timely hit in the 7th inning. Kim Min-seong said, “Of course, he had the desire to finish the game without a run, but he was able to immediately catch a runner from third base and end the inning, so there was no big regret.”

Kim Min-sung’s goal is to win. “I haven’t won a championship in three years. I want to win one last championship with his friends and finish high school.”


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