6 hours and 9 minutes of rain and bloody battle ‘attack instinct’ Goguntaek Korean Tour season’s first multi-winner 

A great battle where the leader changes every day. After a bloody battle of over six hours, the ‘first protagonist’ was born. Go Gun-taek (24, Daebo Engineering & Construction), the “man of the opening match,” became the first player to win the most wins (2 wins) in the 2023 Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour season after a bloody battle of 6 hours and 9 minutes.온라인바카라

Guntaek Go earned 13 points by changing 8 birdies and 3 bogeys in the final round of the Honors K Solago CC Hanjang Award Invitational (total prize money of 500 million won) held at Solago Country Club (par 72, 7264 yards) in Taean, Chungcheongnam-do on the 23rd. In the third round, Ye-taek Lim (25), who tied with a birdie on the 18th hole (par 5) with a final total of 44 points, entered an extension.

Go Gun-taek plays a tee shot in the rain during the final round of the KPGA Korean Tour Honors K/Sogo CC Hanjang Award Invitational held at Solago CC on the 23rd. photo | KPGA

Go Gun-taek, who made a birdie side by side in the first extension played on the 18th hole, put his tee shot on the fairway in the second extension and seemed to preoccupy an advantage. Lim Ye-taek’s second shot, with 222m left, slid slightly to the right and entered the bunker in front of the green. However, Go Gun-taek’s second shot was also slightly pushed to the right, slightly overcoming the bunker in front of the green and falling into the rough.

After Lim Ye-taek’s bunker shot landed right next to the hole cup, it flowed about 1m, making it difficult to predict the outcome. Go Gun-taek’s third shot was also slightly shorter, so he had a chance to make a birdie. However, Lim Ye-taek’s birdie putt was slightly pulled to the left, and Ko Gun-taek was given the last chance. Go Gun-taek, who dropped the champion putt by about 1m without difficulty, congratulated himself on becoming the first player to win the Korean Tour this season with a mixed feeling.

Go Gun-taek cheers after winning the KPGA Korean Tour Honors K Solago CC One-Chip Invitational, which ended at Solago CC on the 23rd, after winning the second round of overtime. photo | KPGA

“I am happy to have won the second season,” he said. After the first win, my results were not good, but it feels good to win again.” He said, “I started to get nervous from the 16th hole. During the tournament, thanks to good birdie putts, I got a lot of points. He was worried about his tee shot, but he won thanks to his putt.”

Go Gun-taek, who was selected as a national team member in 2016, debuted on the Korean Tour in 2019 with a tie for ninth place in the qualifying test. In the first round of the Genesis Championship held at Jack Nicklaus GCK in 2021, he was called a promising cotyledon, such as writing a course record with 10 under par 62 strokes. However, he seldom got over the hump, and until last year, he only placed in the top 10 three times in 21 competitions. A tie for 4th at the KB Financial Live Championship last year was his personal best.

Go Gun-taek is interviewing with a bright expression after winning the KPGA Korean Tour Honors K Solago CC Hanjang Award Invitational, which ended at Solago CC on the 23rd, after winning the second overtime. photo | KPGA

Go Gun-taek, who has been eager to increase his distance throughout the winter, won the first championship in his career at the season opener, the DB Insurance Promy Open, beating Korean Tour veterans such as Park Sang-hyun and Seo Yo-seop. Afterwards, he won his second win of the season in the 11th tournament and set another record for the first time in his life. He promised, “I won two, so I will work even harder to win three.”

The match started 2 hours and 50 minutes late due to heavy rain. Even during the game, it suffered twists and turns, such as being stopped for 20 minutes due to heavy rain. Go Gun-taek, who teed off at 1:29 pm, marched for 6 hours and 9 minutes until the second extended bloody battle. Due to the delay in the game and the cloudy weather, there was also a unique scene where the winner was crowned with the lighting tower turned on for the first time on the Korean Tour.

As it was the only modified Stableford tournament on the Korean Tour, a close match was held in which the leader changed every day. Go Gun-taek, who started with 6 points (tied for 14th place) on the first day, added 9 points on the second day and fell to a tie for 17th place. After adding 10 points in the third round to tie for fourth place, he won the championship with tenacity in the final round.

Lim Ye-taek, who took the lead by surprise in the third round, added 10 points by catching 5 birdies without a bogey in the final round, but lost his chance for the first win in his life due to a misplaced birdie putt. Lim Ye-taek, who entered this tournament through the Monday qualifiers, proved that obtaining a full seed was imminent with solid shots and delicate short games throughout the tournament.


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