3G continuous ‘mistake party’… What to do with the frozen bears when the twins meet?

Another mistake put a wedge between the win and the loss.

The Doosan Bears lost 0-10 in a confrontation with the LG Twins in the regular season of the 2023 KBO League held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 30th.

It was a game where none of them were better than LG. The starter, bullpen, and batting line all collapsed, and they lost completely in a power struggle with LG. The momentum of winning 11 consecutive wins was an unprecedented performance.스포츠토토

However, it is difficult to lose three times in a row just by losing in a battle of strength. The most fatal was a mistake. For Doosan, Yang Eui-ji’s mistake in throwing to third base in the beginning of the third inning was the reason. Park Hae-min’s two RBIs came out in a timely manner with the bases loaded with one out, and left fielder Kim Tae-geun, who caught the ball, threw it to catcher Yang Eui-ji. And Yang Eui-ji threw the throw to third base for the reason that he would check the runner, and the throw flew high above the third baseman. Doosan dedicated two additional points that it did not have to give in the end. It was a scene that decided the direction of the game.

It was a problem from the first button. It was not a mistake on the record, but a scene came out that was completely defensive. When Moon Seong-joo, who went out on a walk after one out in the first inning, tried to steal second base, Eui-ji Yang stopped stealing second base perfectly. However, shortstop Park Gye-beom failed to catch it, which led to the first run. Starting pitcher Brandon Waddell, who was twisted from the start, showed an uneasy appearance by giving up two balls unlike before, and eventually gave up an unprecedented 8 runs (7 earned runs).

Mistakes didn’t just come out on this day. Previously, errors were recorded in the games on the 28th and 29th. On the 28th, Jose Rojas made a mistake. Rojas, who started in right field, made a catch error when Shin Min-jae hit the right field in the beginning of the second inning, sending the runner to third base.

On the 29th, outfielder Kim Tae-geun and infielder Kim Jae-ho both made mistakes. In the beginning of the 5th inning, left fielder Kim Tae-geun’s home throwing mistake was the reason for two additional runs, and shortstop Kim Jae-ho’s throwing mistake in the 9th inning was the reason for one additional run. On this day, the difference between Doosan and LG was only one point. It was a defensive defeat.

Before the game on the 30th, coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “LG ​​is as good as external evaluations are, so we try to show a little better performance in the LG match, but it seems that more mistakes like that come out. I hope the players are a little more comfortable.” We are still lacking in things like parts, defensive backups, and call plays. We know that well, so I think we have to make up for it little by little.” Not only rookies, but also foreign players and veterans could not escape the nightmare of the LG match.

With the loss on the 30th, Doosan’s season record against LG fell to 2 wins and 8 losses. 2% win rate. We have to win all the remaining games to barely hit 50%, and that seems unlikely. Doosan, which caused LG to suffer from ‘bear phobia’ in the past, has suffered from ‘twin phobia’ on the contrary. To get out, the defense has to change first.


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