‘3G consecutive hits’ Bae Ji-hwan, feels good… Stealing bases stopped at ’14’, no news for 15 days

Bae Ji-hwan of the Pittsburgh Pirates showed off his hitting feeling by going on a three-game hitting streak. However, the thief was tee in the prison.

Bae Ji-hwan started as second baseman and batsman 7 in the 2023 MLB home match against the Arizona Diamondbacks held at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on the 21st (hereinafter Korean time) and recorded 1 hit in 4 at-bats.

Bae Ji-hwan succeeded in producing one hit that day, recording three consecutive hits, starting with the Detroit Tigers on the 18th. He maintained a 0.254 batting average for the season. However, after the match against the Toronto Blue Jays on the 6th, he failed to add a stolen base for the 15th day, and the number of stolen bases for the season remained at 14.

Bae Ji-hwan started the game with a 93.9 mile (approximately 151 km) four-seam fastball from Arizona “ace” Jack Gallen in the first at-bat with no runners at the end of the second inning, trailing 0-1, but with a ground ball from second baseman. His first at-bat wasn’t good, but he picked up a hit right away.

In the second at-bat as the lead batter at the end of the 4th inning, Bae Ji-hwan succeeded in turning the score 3-1, targeting four-seam on the side of Galen’s first pitch 92.4 miles (approximately 149 km) and getting a hit in the center field. hit in three consecutive games. It was good to produce hits, but the stealer was a disappointing part.

Bae Ji-hwan, who settled on the first base, boldly cut off the start while trying to steal the base. However, the Arizona Battery could not have been unaware of this. Arizona catcher Gabriel Moreno threw the ball hard toward second base and succeeded in sniping Bae Ji-hwan. Bae Ji-hwan was generously out judged by Moreno’s throw, which was so fast.안전놀이터

There were no additional hits in the third at-bat. In the bottom of the 6th inning with a narrow lead of 3-2, with no runners out and 2 out, Bae Ji-hwan faced the changed pitcher Kyle Nelson this time. Bae Ji-hwan played with Nelson to the 7th pitch and hit a four-seam to the body, but withdrew with a floating ball to the left fielder. And at the end of the ninth inning, trailing 3-4, he finished the game without being able to take advantage of his chance with a looking strikeout in the last at-bat with first base unharmed.

Pittsburgh, which was on a two-game winning streak, put the brakes on the good flow. The flow of the early game is up to Arizona. Arizona succeeded in overpowering the team by hitting a solo home run in the first inning by Ketel Marte against Pittsburgh “ace” Mitch Keller. Pittsburgh immediately followed suit.

Pittsburgh took the lead of the game at once with Ki Brian Hayes exploding a 3-RBI triple in the 3rd inning in a two-out chance created by a hit by Austin Hedges and a walk by Brian Reynolds and Carlos Santana. But the joy didn’t last long.

Arizona had two outs and second and third base chances with Josh Rojas’ hit ball, Ketel Marte’s hit and double steal in the 6th inning, and Corbin Carroll’s timely hit narrowed the gap to one point. Then, in the top of the 6th inning, Pavin Smith fired a turnaround two-run gun to regain the lead. In the end, Pittsburgh, unable to create a reversal until the end of the game, knelt down 3-4.


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