23 stitches were sewn… Park Jin-cheol, who was determined to participate, was stopped by the coaching staff [MK Goyang]

I have 23 stitches, but I am going out. really… .”

Park Jin-cheol of Goyang바카라 Carrot has recently received great expectations for his good performances. Lee Jong-hyun’s transfer and the successive departures of big men from injury did not miss the opportunity gained. However, he collapsed due to an unexpected injury.

Park Jin-cheol suffered a left eye injury in the middle of the second quarter in the game against LG held in Changwon on the 17th while blocking Dante Cunningham’s breakthrough. His blood was torn so large that it could not easily be stopped, and he did not return for the rest of the time.

Park Jin-cheol sewed a total of 23 stitches, including 6 inside stitches and 17 outside stitches. The swelling still seemed to have not subsided. Nevertheless, he burned his will to participate in the match against Samsung on the 19th.

Coach Sohn Gyu-wan Carrot, whom we met before the game, said, “(Park) Jin-cheol said he would play today. He said he was crazy. his face is swollen His will is high, but he told me it’s dangerous to run now. who wouldn’t understand He’s been doing well lately and he wouldn’t want to miss his chance. I understand, but I can’t help it.”

Carrot coach Son Chang-hwan also said, “For the sake of the player’s life, he told me that it is good to take a break today. It was torn about 3.5 cm, but it looks bigger from the outside. He needs to rest,” he said.

Park Jin-cheol was the savior who filled the void caused by Lee Jong-hyun’s transfer and Choi Hyun-min’s injury. In the match against kt on the 10th, he secured the bottom of the goal with 6 points and 9 rebounds in 30 minutes and 10 seconds, receiving rave reviews from coach Seung-gi Kim Carrot. So he would be more sorry. Still, it was Carrot who put player protection first.

Park Jin-cheol, dressed in plain clothes, visited the stadium with injured players such as Choi Hyun-min. He is in a situation where he needs a break, but he said that he would cheer for victory with the players.

Park Jin-cheol said, “I’m sorry. He’s been doing well lately and didn’t want to miss the opportunity. Still can’t help it. I can come back after taking a break for about a week,” he said. I will rest well and come back,” he said, burning his fighting spirit.

Meanwhile, Park Jin-cheol’s vacancy is expected to be filled by Kim Jin-yong, who played 14 points against LG.


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