20 home runs in Jamsil? I am confident” 20 home run catcher from KIA… Reborn as LG Game Changer

“I am confident of hitting 20 home runs.”

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop regards Lee Jae-won and Park Dong-won, who will be in the 7th and 8th batting order this season, as the key to the batting line. The top lineup of the national team led by Park Hae-min, Kim Hyun-soo, and Oh Ji-hwan has been verified. Chae Eun-seong (Hanwha) has left, but LG’s batting line is still the strongest in the league.

So, coach Yeom Kyung-yeop believed that long hits in the bottom line increase the chances of a come-from-behind victory in a game where the starting pitcher collapsed early. It is not an impossible scenario if Lee Jae-won and Park Dong-won hit home runs with only the long relief solid, as the Pilseung-gye Tojo is the strongest in the league anyway. 바카라사이트

Park Dong-won hit 22 homers in the 2021 season, when he was growing up. Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome is the largest stadium in Korea along with Jamsil Stadium. As much as that, Park Dong-won’s greatest charm is his stable defense, decent ability to keep runners in check, and long hitting power that guarantees 20 home runs.

He also hit 18 homers in the 2022 season spent at KIA. He showed off his strong taste in the second half and showed his advantage. For LG, it would be best if Park Dong-won hits 20 home runs in Jamsil. In an interview held on the 3rd (Korean time) at the San Francisco Giants Stadium in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, Park Dong-won said, “I saw articles where the director said that. He used to be a good 8th hitter on the winning team, but it would be great if he played a role like that player.”

He has confidence in producing 20 home runs in the season in Jamsil. Park Dong-won said, “Gocheok is smaller than Jamsil, but the fence is higher. Jamsil is taller than Gocheok, but the fence is lower than Gocheok. In the end there isn’t much of a difference. I have confidence in hitting 20 home runs.”

There is a corner to believe. The season preparation routine was modified to increase efficiency. Park Dong-won said, “There are several methods of batting training. For example, when he bet T, he hit 10 each. But I’m doing this by reducing it to 3-4 things. I exercised effectively.”

Of course, LG’s goal is to win the Korean Series. It is important for Park Dong-won to contribute to LG’s offense with 20 home runs, but he also thinks it is important to hit more consistently. In fact, Park Dong-won is not a good average style. Last year’s KIA also had severe ups and downs. “It is more important to reduce ups and downs,” he said. I think I can do it this year.”

If there is a player who will have a breakout season in LG, who will be the main character? Park Dong-won said, “I think I have to explode first. That’s how the team’s performance will come out. Of course, it would be nice if everyone did well, but first of all, I have to do well.”


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