15.2 billion catchers to the United States… Take the last train of “strong team conditions” [Sydney Report]

“It is a strong team to win when the second catcher comes out.카지노사이트” The week is certain. A war for a backup spot unfolded.

Last season, the Doosan Bears definitely reinforced their strength. After finishing the regular season in ninth place, they appointed manager Lee Seung-yeop and started a new plan, and even Yang Eui-ji, the ‘national catcher’, signed a contract for a total of 15.2 billion won for 4+2 years. It is the largest FA ever.

It is certain to expect Yang Eui-ji. He has a batting average of 3.000 and more than -20 home runs, and his ability as a catcher is evaluated as the best in the KBO league. He used to lead the game with a sense of stability while catching points that the pitcher was shaking.

With the appearance of Yang Eui-ji, Doosan has a clear main catcher. However, competition among existing catchers is getting fiercer.

It is difficult for Yang Eui-ji to go on a full-time business trip as he is in his mid and late 30s. This is why the importance of backup catchers was emphasized. Coach Lee emphasized, “(Yang) Will cannot play 144 games in a full year. He must become the second catcher and the third catcher.”

Battery coach Yuji Serizawa also repeatedly emphasized the importance of backup to the catchers. He said, “It is a really strong team only when the second catcher goes out.”

In this spring camp, besides Eui-Ji Yang, Seung-Hyeon Jang, Seung-Hyun Ahn, Yoo-Yeon Park, and Jun-Ho Yoon are sweating. As Yang Eui-ji left for Arizona in the United States due to the WBC team call, Sydney’s competition intensified.

In terms of experience, Jang Seung-hyun is ahead. He has been with Doosan for the longest time and has worked with many pitchers.

Ahn Seung-han blossomed once again in Doosan. After joining KT in 2014, he appeared in 36 games in 2019 and was released after the end of the 2021 season. Wearing a Doosan uniform, he showed off his stable catcher ability and offensive power with a batting average of .303 (12 hits in 36 at-bats) in 30 games last year.

Park Yoo-yeon is evaluated to have the best offense among catchers. 177 cm 77 kg of strong physical strength, good strength, has the ability to produce long hits.

While rookie Junho Yoon made his name known through ‘The Strongest Baseball’, it is evaluated that his strong shoulder is an advantage.

All of them challenged the second catcher competition with their own strengths. In unison, he said, “I will support (Yang) Eui-ji in the first team this season.”

Doosan will face off against Australian All-Stars on the 18th and 19th. The competition to become a backup catcher, as fierce as the main player, has begun in earnest.


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