’11 years – 182M and leave’ Franco, immersed in injury prevention training

Wander Franco (22, Tampa Bay Rays), who received an 11-year-$182 million contract at the age of contract, is working hard to prevent injuries.먹튀검증

Race Radio, which delivers the news of Tampa Bay, reported the news of Franco participating in the 2023 spring training on the 17th (Korean time).

According to him, Franco has focused his training this offseason on increasing his flexibility and agility. This is all related to injury prevention.

Earlier, Franco was out for an extended period last year due to a right wrist injury. This is an injury that occurred right after his big contract. Franco also suffered a hamstring injury in 2021.

As a result, some skeptical opinions came out saying that his body could not hold up compared to his talent. Franco set out to improve his flexibility and agility to erase these concerns.

Franco, who will be entering his third year in the major leagues, is an outstanding player who is rated above average in all five categories of the 20-80 scale. In particular, it received a perfect score of 80 on contact.

Tampa Bay is famous for not investing a lot of money. However, expectations were high when the 20-year-old Franco signed an 11-year, $182 million contract.

The proof must be made by Franco himself. He plays a lot of games as a shortstop without injury, and he has to show good hitting, defense and running.It is noteworthy whether Franco, who is expected to grow into a shortstop to represent the major leagues in the future, will be able to play many games in the 2023 season with this off-season training.


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