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Redneck names can be funny, but these funny names are the creme of the redneck crop. Top funny names:

  • Horace - This really does sound like "horse"
  • Eustice - Sounds like a crustaceon, or a sickness or something
  • Cletus - Really reminds me of "clitoris"
  • Cooter - Yeah, definately sounds like a vaginal area
  • Gretchen - Knew many of a dog owner who named their Poodle this name
  • Homer - The Simpsons helped make this name famous
  • Norma - I just picture a big sweaty lady sitting on her trailer porch
  • Roscoe - The Dukes of Hazzard helped make this what it is today
  • Rufus - Dog name or sound that a dog makes

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